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Nine Different Types of People During Sporting Events

College Football season is almost upon us, and with it comes all the different types of people that go to sporting events. These types of people can be obnoxious and loud. Others sit quietly, eating their hot dogs, clutching sneaked in alcohol. No matter what side of the spectrum you are, one of these ten types of people are sure to represent you. 

Don’t wait until the game to realize you’ve picked the wrong people to sit with. Read on and find your sporting event doppelganger. That way, when Saturday’s game comes on – you are sitting with people who don’t make you want to pull your hair out.

  1. The “I almost was a professional athlete.” 

These are the people who played a sport in high school but still think they are Michael Jordan. They typically brag about their old scores and act as if it’s remotely possible for them to be on the field you are watching. You can find them because they still proudly wear their old college or high school sporting gear. On a positive note, they can be very informative and talk about the game for hours.  

  1. The “I don’t know I’m just here to get drunk.”

These people often come in the form of college students who are just here for a good time. They sneak alcohol in under their jackets and in their boots. Sometimes you can find them passed out on the bleachers for long periods. They are friendly, rowdy, and proud. However, they often smell bad, occasionally get aggressive, and don’t know what’s happening. 

3. Die Hard Fans

These people are often easy to find, wearing head to toe sporting apparel of the team they’re supporting. They are super serious about the game and typically want to find their seats way before the game or match begins. They will know everything to know about all the players and coaches, to a point it might seem stalkerish. Be prepared for their moods to reflect the outcome of the event. 

4. The New Parents

If you sit next to one of these people, be prepared for their children to cry, scream, and talk. The new parents often bring their children to sporting events, thinking it will be a fun family event. However, they soon realize that they underestimated the struggle to watch their kids while paying attention to the game. Hot dogs will drop, drinks will spill, and someone will continuously take their child for a pee break. 

5. The Screamers 

Sometimes confused as die-hard fans, screamers have a distinct feature of yelling all the time. Most of the time, they say obvious things like “run” or “move the ball.” Unlike die-hard fans, the screamers don’t have to be passionate about either team. They are just overall aggressive people who like to yell. They will likely be thrown out or told to shut up. Be prepared for your eardrums to hurt. 

6. The Superstitious Sally

These people are often big fans of the team they are watching but have convinced themselves that some habits they do will determine their team’s outcomes. Signs of them usually are old stained hats, unshaved beards, and crazy eyes. While these people are extremely friendly – be prepared to tread lightly with them. You never know what will trigger them to believe they have tempted their team’s fate. 

7. The Teacher 

The teacher can come in any form. They are the types of people who will sit next to you during an event and talk to you through the whole thing. They do not care if you know more than them or don’t want to learn. Their enjoyment comes through education. While friendly, try to avoid them if you are an introvert who doesn’t want to chat. 

8. Southern Frat Boys 

This category is slightly different from the rest because it encompasses many of the other features said before. These peoples are, yes, you guessed it – in a frat. That often means they have more than a couple of beers in them but also have the possibility to be a screamer and a die-hard fan. They usually wear school repping polos and khaki shorts. They travel together and can be seen in packs. This category is not recommended to sit with unless you, yourself are a frat boy.  

9. The “I don’t know; they were free tickets.” 

These types of people don’t have a particular side or person they are cheering for. They just happened to be invited and wanted to go for a social outing. Often they find the food or drinks more exciting than what’s happening on the field. While extremely nice, they often don’t get along with die-hard fans.

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