About Me


I am a senior at Auburn University, studying Journalism and Nonprofits and Philanthropy. I created this websites after being inspired by writing for the Auburns school paper and their online community.. Writing for these papers has given me time management skills and helped me develop my creativity. It’s motivated me to learn more about the different fields of Journalism and experience the unique opportunities that Journalism provides.

I attended The Moran Arts Center of Photography, where I developed Canon and Nikon training. Attending this class helped me be proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, allowing me to edit photos and post them to my blog. Creating the blog through the World Press Platform gave me content and development experience.

Currently, I am a student writer for Auburn’s digital news site, Eagle Eye. I publish weekly articles on current events in Auburns city and the school community. In August, I started at The Borgen Project, a nonprofit that works towards eliminating extreme global poverty. At the Borgen Project, I was a journalism intern who helped produce digital stories, spread awareness, reach out to White House officials to assist with advocacy efforts, and create my own personal fundraising campaign.

I have spent time volunteering for a local swim team in my home town called West Coast Aquatics. During this time, I coached elementary and high school kids, teaching them techniques and skills in the water. It taught me how to take charge and be a leader. I still carry this with me, and it can be seen through my work and how I manage myself. I also am a part of the Bee Club at Auburn. Through its program, I fundraise money to support the bees and educate local elementary schools about keeping the earth healthy and the importance of bees. 

After graduating I want to pursue a career in travel journalism. My dream is to eventually work for National Geographic and be able to write about different people and places.