Camera Controls

Photo of me in Ireland

While studying abroad I did multiple photography projects. however, before I started these projects I needed to have a better understanding of my camera. I shoot with a Nikon.

Here are somethings i’ve learned over the past few months:

  1. Use a lower ISO If it is brighter outside. On a normal sunny afternoon I would use an ISO of 200
  2. For blur photos or to gt a max depth of field use a low shutter speed.
  3. To freeze a fast moving object, use a fast shutter speed and a lower aperture.
  4. You want you photo to be balanced. this means the aperture and the shutter speed will balance out to have ideal lighting.
  5. While panning, following the object with you camera using a low shutter speed.
  6. Bracketing is when you have a slightly under, good, and slightly over exposed photo.