Food for Thought FOUR

Some Late Night Thoughts

I think to a certain extent everyone’s disappointed with their lives. I think we go on telling ourselves that one day we will get there. That after the next hoop the next jump, we can finally do it. I also think the people who say f*ck it and actually do it are disappointed. Because, they too have yet to figure out everything they want. And if they did, it was nothing like they imagined it to be.

I think that we all want this unattainable goal of pure and unobliterated happiness. Not brief seconds, but something so full and so unattainable that we spend are whole lives trying to attain it.

I think we all fail eventually. But it’s in that fail that our real wins occur. It’s those bad moments when we aren’t thinking about the good, when the actual good comes.

We never find the things we want when were actively searching for them.

~ I wrote that on my plane ride back to the States.