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  • Social Media and Jobs
    Social Media, The New Way of Job Hunting Social Media, if utilized correctly, acts as a ‘salvation’ for college students careers during COVID-19. As college seniors veer closer to graduation and COVID-19 limits face to face interactions, social media provides digital opportunities for students looking for jobs.  In March 2020, COVID-19 shut down schools, businesses, […]
  • A Study Abroad Column
    During my fall semester, I had the privilege to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. On August 13th, I arrived at the Orlando international airport with only my backpack and an extra-large suitcase. I boarded my flight surrounded by total strangers and landed 10 hours later with no one there to greet me. It was my […]
  • October 6 City Council Meeting
    Auburn City Council Approves Wire Road Pre-Zoning Ordnances October 6, Auburn City Council approved 24.03 acres on Wire Road to be changed from Rural Development District to Limited Development District.  This proposal changes, the land ordnances and the availability to build new structures on its property.  The approval allows 70 houses to be built on the […]

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