Design Work

Newspaper Spread

Inspiration from USA Today

For the project, I based my design on the USA Today newspaper. I copied their use of bright colored shapes (for space) and their layout to do this.

I used three main principles. The first one being repetition. All of my fonts were in minion pro, and my headlines and subheads were in New York times. I also repeated the same font size for all of the stories, headlines, and subtitles. The second design principle I focused on was space. To make sure my paper was busy but still easy to follow and read, I used gray lines to separate each story with its corresponding graphics and pictures. The last design property I used was balance. I made sure that the paper’s illustrations balanced each other out. Because I used heavy photographs and graphics on the top of the paper, I also bad sure to include a lot on the bottom, so the paper stayed visually balanced.

When deciding the primary story, I picked the longest one, and the one I thought was the timeliest. With the holidays coming up, I know a lot of people are interested in traveling; therefore, I figured by putting it as the primary story, it would catch more people’s eyes.

I wanted the graphic to represent both sides of the problem (The cheapness of the tickets but also people being sick.) I thought by putting a picture of a girl in a mask with dollar signs in her eyes; I could visually represent this issue. I realized during this project that despite my efforts, photoshop is not a strong suit of mine. So, I wanted the graphic to be creative but not so advanced that the mistakes overshadowed the message.

This graphic can be found in the main photo slot of the magazine. It was created through photoshop with images from Getty.

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