October 6 City Council Meeting

Auburn City Council Approves Wire Road Pre-Zoning Ordnances

October 6, Auburn City Council approved 24.03 acres on Wire Road to be changed from Rural Development District to Limited Development District. 

This proposal changes, the land ordnances and the availability to build new structures on its property.  The approval allows 70 houses to be built on the 24 acres instead of an original 50. 

This Property is located on the north Side of Wire Road by the Universities Soccer field. This decision will impact the local residents that live in the neighborhoods that sit next to the 24.03 acres. 

Forest Cotton, Auburn City Planner claimed that the land will not be developed for another 5 to 10 years. However, Auburn Citizens have major concerns about the Pre-zoning approval. 

Clint Lopthrop, was passionate about this approval stating, the council needs to “Think of everyone not just one person.” Lopthrop, brought up concerns of traffic and spacing issues a new development would bring. 

David Ennis, also spoke on the issue during the meeting, voicing concerns about developing “something up keeping with the community.” Multiple Auburn residence expressed concerns about the types of buildings that will be built in the community. 

City Council will meet on October, 20 to discuss this issue further. 

Clint Lopthrop stated the council needs to “Think of everyone not just one person,” while expressing displeasure towards Wire Road Pre-Zoning Ordnances

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