A Mini Profile

This was my first attempt at a mini profile. I wasn’t in the mood to write it but I’m still proud.

I refuse to get the Coronavirus,” Ms. Bobitt said during a Zoom chat earlier in the evening, straight-faced and earnest. “I have too much going on to even think about it.”

Haley Bobitt was born with a list of goals and a pen to cross them off as she achieves them. She first opened her eyes at 5:45 P.M. in Littleton, Colorado. A fact she knows by heart as her mom often tells her that the doctor demanded to leave for dinner at 6 P.M. sharp. Ironic since Ms. Bobitt herself seemed to be in a hurry to leave that hospital.

She cheekily motioned that her lungs needed to be cleared when explaining her birth. She had been in too long and pooped her sac. “I was ready to start my life,” she said, eyes twinkling.  

Ms. Bobitt’s life could be described as routine, almost clinically so. A 7:45 A.M. wake up, followed by a coffee, a yogurt, and a banana. Then, Gym at 9 A.M. and Zoom classes by 11. 

I asked if that routine every deviated. It didn’t.

While odd to most college kids, this steadfast schedule is similar to lots of successful people. Routine is often a trait of high intelligence, something Ms. Bobbitt displayed lots of it. This became more apparent as she later described herself as a tiger, “I’m not a pack animal, but I’m also smart and pretty.” 

“I moved around a lot as a kid,” Ms. Bobitt explained when talking about her childhood. Two elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school could account for that.  These classes took place as her parents moved between; Denver, Colorado; Charlette, North Carolina; and St. Pete Beach, Florida. But when asked, she said she doesn’t regret those moves at all. 

“You can’t have a poor me attitude in life,” said Ms. Bobitt regarding her non-traditional childhood. “I don’t believe in being upset about the little things; life is just too short for that.”

This sentiment became more apparent as she explains that she’s grateful for each new city, even when she didn’t want to move. These new cities are what created her mutual love for the ocean and the mountains. Two places that are vastly different from one another. 

Ms. Bobitt is currently attending Florida State University and is a self-acclaimed sorority girl. “I’m happy about who I am here,” she explained about her life at Tallahassee. Ms. Bobitt claims to have the best of both worlds, parties during the night while achieving her Archaeology degree by day. She was scheduled to graduate two years before the typical 4-year plan but was detoured by the Corona Virus, forced to extend her stay at FSU. 

When being asked how she felt about it, she simply shrugged and laughed. “I’m living with my best friends; things could be worse.” Ms. Bobitt was referring to her sorority house, where she roomed with two other Delta Gammas. 

Her life, though, has not been without struggle. “The most influential time in my life was when my mom got cancer,” she explained. When asked about that experience, she said, “she beat it,” and smiled.

Her mom and her plan on getting a matching tattoo in the following week. Something to commemorate what they have been through and show their bond. When describing their relationship, she claimed they are close but not dependent on each other. “She’s taught me to be strong, but she’s also let me learn from her mistakes.” 

This proudness is represented as Ms. Bobitt works to achieve her Archaeology degree and find success. “I don’t want just to do research; I want actually to find something.” 

While looks and location have changed since opening her eyes 20 years ago, her independence and desire to succeed stay resilient. In the future, you’ll more than likely be finding Haley Bobitt, hovering over her to-do list, crossing off her first Archeology Discovery.

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