Auburn 15 City Council Meeting

Auburn Cities Local State of Emergency extends to October 7

On September 15, Auburn’s City Council approved extending the local state of emergency order for three more weeks.

The decision to extend the state of emergency will impact local bars and small businesses as they have to follow emergency laws until the week of October 7. Auburn’s cases are still trending upwards, and Lee Counties represents a hot spot for the virus, with 26 hospitalized Covid-19 patients at EAMC. 

Jay Hovey, Council Member, didn’t support the order, saying, “we cannot legislate morality, and we cannot legislate common sense, but we can legislate someone out of business.” Since Auburn University’s school year has begun, there have been five bar and nine house party citations. Hovey believes that the order does not stop the grouping of people and spread the virus; it will only impact small businesses trying to survive the pandemic. 

The emergency orders demanded that businesses have their costumers keep six feet away from each other, wear masks, and avoid gathering large amounts of people in small spaces. 

Local bars, restaurants, and stores will be influenced by this decision, as they have to lower the number of customers they allow into their establishment. All ABC-Licensed alcohol establishments will only be allowed to serve alcohol to seated costumers. A citation of up to $500 can result in not following these guidelines. 

Mayor Ron Anders believes in the City of Auburn, stating during the meeting, “we’ve made it this long.” The Auburn City Council will vote again on October 7 to decide if they want to continue the local order. 

Business in Auburn, Al will have to continue following the local state of emergency order as it extends to October 7. 

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