Food for Thought (1)

I’m currently a little obsessed with the early 2000’s era. I’m not sure if its just the Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, is young Brittany spears actually crazy (???)  vibes, but I find myself spending way too much time on Pinterest looking at barrettes and really low ridding jeans.  I find the flip phones iconic and the startling amount of bedazzling addicting. Scrolling through mood boards it seems like every one has abs and the only way to show them off is in a slightly outrageous graphic tee with a matching thong. And I love it. 

But it also makes me wonder about my era. What is the 2010’s? Each era had some iconic look, and when I try to stand back and look at my teen years the only thing that stands out to be is the overwhelming addiction we have to our smart phones. It makes me wonder if my generation really is just that boring or if I’m missing something. 

And I do hope I’m missing it. That living in the moment has caused me to fail at appreciating the coolness of it.

 It makes me wonder if people in the 70s (in realtime) thought to themselves “damn my era is wack.” Did they go to bed at night thinking “I’m really glad I’m growing up in a era when its acceptable at all times to have my boobs out?” Did the people of the 80’s realize that shoulder pads were going to be their defining trait while wearing shoulder pads? 

 I have no idea.

But, If its to any correlation to how I think of my own era, I would say probably not. 

I  guess what I’m saying is that sometimes we fail to appreciate the things we have while we have them. It’s like when you’re early teenager and you have the perfect ass without doing ANYTHING to earn it.  I’m talking about zero cellulite, no stretch marks and perfect proportions all while your main form of exercise was eating Doritos on the coach while watching the Kardashian’s. You failed to realize how amazing that time of your life was until you start getting stretch marks and realized you need to go to the gym. It’s like how kids want to grow up until the moment they realize that adulting is hard and life is expensive. It’s those times when we look back at the good things we had and wish we appreciated them more. 

And as I write this I realize that more than likely this is not going to change anything. I say that I want to appreciate THIS moment more but I’ll probably look back at myself in 15 years and think, “damn I really wish I treasured the times when cars did not fly.” But that’s life. 

SO what I’m trying to explain is that hind sight is always 20-20, therefore it’s important to understand that your average present day is someone else ideal past . One day someone might by looking up images of your teenage life on Pinterest.

 Basically understand that on days that your like me, staring at old juicy countered tracksuits thinking your life seems dull, try to realize it’s a lot more exciting than your eyes can comprehend. 

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