Design Project ONE

I’ve always been In love with the idea of graphic design. I often wonder If I am getting the wrong degree or if I should have double majored. I find myself messing around on Indesign and photoshop for hours ignoring the work I should do.

You can say it’s my fatal “flaw.” Winky Face

However, my philosophy is that you can always go back to college. I love what I do now, but if I end up hating it In a couple years when I have the money i can go back for another degree.

That being said, I took a class in Dublin that allowed me to put my creative mind to work. I created a flyer for my ~dream~ coffee shop. I’m not joking when I can say I’ve dreamt of this coffee shop for years.

So when given the chance to put these dreams in an *Almost* real life situation I went crazy. My pintrest board had over 50 pins. I actually had to delete around 30 of them before turning my project in becuase it was over kill. I called it my rainy day project.

Maybe one day when I’m done traveling and ready to settle down Ill pull up for design project and pinterest board and get to work.

Until next time,